"Genova Global Hedge Fund offers professional investors access to over 6 years of practical experience in automated trading with Genova FX ™"


FXI offers attractive solutions for investors seeking stable and diversified returns. Genova FX ™ is the leading edge of technology, based on the latest knowledge in algorithms and artificial intelligence for optimized market understanding. The results of our trade have created an attractive stable return with low correlations to benchmarks and risk levels that are well suited for optimization of large diversified portfolios.



Latest News

Ny VD, Ole Helland
2018-10-02 | Lars Eriksson

Ole Helland ersätter nuvarande VD Per Ivar Solleid som tyvärr pga av akut sjuk [ ... ]

Årsredovisning 20170701-20180630
2018-09-26 | Lars Eriksson

Årsredovisning för perioden 2017-07-01 - 2018-06-30 från FX International AB  [ ... ]

Noteringsmemorandum i samband med återförelse till ordinarie lista
2018-08-22 | Lars Eriksson

Med anledning av Spotlights noteringskrav för återförelse till den ordinarie  [ ... ]

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