Fund Facts

"Genova Global Hedge Fund offers professional investors access to over 6 years of practical experience in automated trading with Genova FX ™"

Genova Global Hedge Fund

FXI, together with London-based Coppin Collings Ltd. agreed to establish a currency trading fund using the Genova FX ™ trading system. The fund is called Genova Global FX and tailored for institutional investors who want to achieve a reliable return unaffected by economic cycles and market performance. The Fund's Investment Manager will be Coppin Collings Ltd., the Fund Administrator will be Apex Fund Services (UK) and FXI will be the Fund's Advisor.

The fund is an interesting option for investors seeking:

  • Good return in relation to risk - Historically verified high returns with limited periods of decline.
  • Market-independent earnings - Trading takes place in currencies during short periods of time, and trading results are almost completely independent of current market and economic conditions.
  • Diversification – A very low correlation to other investment alternatives provide improved risk adjusted portfolio returns.
  • Focus - The Fund focuses exclusively on trading within the foreign exchange market.
  • Future-proof - The model is fully developed and has been active since 2011. Further research and development of analytical and management methods still take place to ensure the future performance in a changing world.

Trading takes place in the world's largest currencies, G10 currencies, as asset classes. The execution is performed by its own trading platform, Genova FX ™, which performs algorithmic trade based on statistical analysis methods optimized with artificial intelligence.


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