About FXI

"FXI uses the latest research in artificial intelligence and statistics to optimize algorithmic trading strategies."

About FXI

FX International AB (publ) is a public limited company registered at AktieTorget stock market with ticker FXI. The Company is registered as a financial institution at Finansinspektionen (Swedish Financial Supervising Authority).

The company's business model focuses on algorithm-driven trading using artificial intelligence within the foreign exchange market. We carries out own asset trading, is Active advisors to fund companies, and management to qualified investors. The focus on management is to achieve risk-adjusted investment strategies that intend to achieve positive absolute returns through exposure in currency markets, with low or no correlation to actual business cycles.

Trading is based on our own trading platform, Genova FX ™, which utilizes statistical models based on artificial intelligence to achieve attractive and stable returns in the international currency market. Unlike traditional active management the use of artificial intelligence results in trading performance that differ significantly from traditional actively managed funds. All research and development takes place in Sweden and is performed by well-trained specialists with unique skills in their respective areas of work. The trading system has more than 8 years of research and development behind it and is now, after more than seven years of positive trading results, one of the leading systems for profitable currency trading on the international market.

FX International AB (publ) contributes to advisory services for qualified investors including adviser to Valor Global FX Fund and intends to launch a new fund named Genova Global Hedge. The funds form an alternative investment category aimed for qualified investors that intend to achieve absolute returns, with limited volatility and performance that is uncorrelated to actual market conditions or business cycles. The funds' asset classes are currencies and the management is through active quantitative trading, of which Genova Global Hedge uses Genova FX™ in its active management.


Board and Management

Lars Erikssonis CEO of FX International AB (publ) and fund manager of Genova Global Hedge Fund. Lars Eriksson has worked as Head of Research since 2008. He has been instrumental in the development of the systems used for algorithmic trading and is the creator of Genova FX™.

Lars Eriksson earned a Master of Computer Science from Lund Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. Thereafter he earned a licentiate degree in the area of adaptive statistical models using artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms for pattern recognition. In his role as a scientist Lars Eriksson published a number of works in the area of pattern recognition. He is the main inventor of the algorithm used in "Artificial Hand Project" at Lund University. Lars Eriksson has also been a co-founder of the e-commerce company Incordia and the online platform Printlife. Eriksson has also worked as acting CEO at Trademax and consulted for business and corporate governance assignments.

Lars Eriksson has considerable experience managing finance-related research and development projects and has an excellent analytical ability and deep knowledge of economy, statistics and financial modelling.

Carl-Henrik Nilssonboard member, born 1961, is a PhD in Technology and Senior Lecturer in Business Administration, as well as a partner in Knowledge Partners in Lund AB. Carl-Henric works primarily with issues related to strategy, technological development and business management. He has also written a large number of scientific articles published in international journals.

Johan Wiklund, Chairman of the Board, born 1951, lawyer and partner in Advokatbolaget Wiklund Gustavii, is founder and co-founder of, among other things, Volaris, Aqua Terrena, Leox and Carl von Linnaeus Vattenfabrik as well as Wiklund Fam. AB. Johan Wiklund has participated as a board member and adviser at the initial public offerings of Sigma, Obducat and others.

Eric Lindeen is Head of Sales and joined FXI in September 2016 with a focus on building and supporting the investor base of the Genova Global FX Fund. Graduating from the Stockholm School of Economics with a major in Finance Eric moved to London to work with FX Institutional Sales at Morgan Stanley and UBS. His clients included major asset managers, traders and banks in the Nordic, Dutch and UK markets.


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